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The Story that Never Happens

Why do we struggle to LOVE ourself unconditionally.


“Self-sabotage is like a game of metal tug of war. It is the conscious mind versus the subconscious mind where the subconscious mind always eventually wins.” – Bo Bennett


Where do I lack ME (Mental Energy)?   


Do you spend time thinking of things that do not ever happen? Do you spend time playing scenarios in your head over and over again, and BOOM shit doesn’t happen?  Not even the smallest detail you thought of. Take a few minutes to ponder why you do this. What makes you play scenarios in your head when 85% of what you worry about never happens?


Most of our monkey mind chatters are things that do not serve us and are a waste of (ME) Mental Energy. I speak from experience because for me it is actually 99.9% of the time, 24/7. I make things more dramatic than they really are. I make shit up and when I do, my energy begins depleting and this starts feeling low of energy, lack of motivation and determination and eating gravely unhealthy food.


We think to think and just to keep our mind busy because that is what we are used to. This is like having a busy schedule and intentionally double booking yourself.


The reason is because we don’t want to accept our life’s reality. We do not want to accept the fact that life does not work for us. Life does not go according to our plan.


Maybe you go out with friends, or get into a relationship right after you just broke up with someone. You start dating after your divorce or after becoming a widow you shit just to feel the void. This happens without even sitting on your own in silence by yourself to observe the situation you are in. Or pondering the reasons for what happened to you. There are lessons attached to plenty of situations you must pay attention closely. There will always be a lesson in everything we do, big or small.


Dealing with reality is the most difficult part of living. We don’t want to accept that our life not perfect in others’ eyes and we try to manage it by having a busy schedule and focusing our attention on someone else’s business other than ours. Then we wonder why we’re so tired and have such a lack of energy.


We lack the energy we long for because we designed our mind to focus on the things that keep us miserable. We must learn to look inward in our self.  Asks yourself the questions, such as why do you keep attracting the same personality as, for example, the previous ex (or whatever person is applicable in your situation). It is because we put that exact same energy regarding to our self. The universe receives this as a message and brings you what you asked for. The universe does not work against you. The universe conspires with you.


Do you gossip, do you enjoy drama?


When life becomes stagnant and boring we feel the need to gossip and find drama to keep us energized but we are actually doing the opposite.  Gossiping is a reflection of our self, a mirror image.  Gossiping are words that you can never take back, as an article in Psychology Today reminds us. This same article quotes from a Jewish tale: “your speech is like the feathers scattered on the wind. Once your words have left your lips, they, too, cannot be gathered again. Be careful of what you say.”


A while ago, I was talking to my cousin; we were having a heart to heart conversation. I finally had the courage to tell her that there were moments I didn’t want to hang out with her because she was so negative about things. And it backfired; she told me the same thing. She told me I am just as negative. I was so focused and busy on noticing her negativity that I never even bothered looking in the mirror with my own issues.  Before judging someone make sure you look that yourself and see if you are in that situation. Maybe you are deflecting your own insecurities on others because you don’t want to face your own issue or insecurities. Since I thought she was so negative, I loved her from a distance. But I was just as bad or maybe even worse; who knew?


For a quick second I wanted to defend myself, I wanted to say NO!  I’m not! but as I took a deep breath, I realized that I was judging her but in truth I was judging myself through her.


With what I had experienced I must learn to communicate my feelings instead of holding on to them because I may learn something about myself.  Communicate not for the sake of talking but to free ME (Mental Energy). If you are not comfortable communicating your thoughts effectively, that is okay. In time, you will learn. Knowing who you are helps, knowing your own beliefs and your own truth. I have been in that position many times and from time to time I catch myself. Not that I know exactly who I am now but I do know enough of me. Who I am is a constant change, evolving and determined to grow better than I was yesterday, every day.


No one is more deserving of your unconditional love other than you! This is why it is imperative to rely on your own happiness rather than being dependent on others to fill your void.


The Divine in me honors the Divine in you. I recognized my true essences in every soul I met. I am you, you are me and we are one.

<3 Namaste <3