Shanti Yogi Wonders
Shanti Yogi Wonders
Start Unknown End Define the Beautiful Struggle of Life


“She is clothed with dignity and strength and laugh without fear of the future.” – PR 31:25

Healing the beautiful struggle of LYF, Unlabeled yourself.

I am Shanti Aparigraha Abheda-Bhakti Ananda

I was raised in Oahu, Hawaii and moved to Los Angeles for College where I received my Business Admin, International Management degree — been in California ever since.

As a young girl I enjoyed the outdoors and sports. During my High School days I played tennis, basketball, air rifles, judo, taekwondo, and danced the hula.

I started surfing and enjoying pineapple more when I moved to California, yes, backward (lol). I also paddled for Canoe Club, danced for a Tahitian group and finished my first Triathlon.

The summer of 2016 is when my yoga journey began. I attended my first Vipassana meditation; a ten-day silent meditation. I was then introduced to my Satguru Jnanda, a spiritual teacher, and began evolving and still continue to this day to evolve from the inside out. I believe when we want others to evolve, we must start with ourselves.

When I am not teaching asana yoga, guiding one of my LYF coaching clients, or taking short walks to my refrigerator, I am dancing the hula.

Unlabeled. Unrestricted. Divine Within.

Certification of Accomplishments:

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certified at Bizi Yoga, Completed 2017

Success Over Addiction & Relapse at YogaRecovery, Completed 2015

Maximum Performance Yoga for Athletes at MPY, Completed 2014

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certified at CorePower, Completed 2013

Yoga for Senior, Training Certification in Progress

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